Team Building Exercise

Three Fun Team Building Exercises for Your Company

Do you work in a senior leadership role in your company? Are you looking for new ways to bring your employees together and to facilitate team-building and understanding? Are you ready to see your employees working better together, learning to trust each other more and watching them support each other as they all journey toward the collective success of the company? If you are ready to see these outcomes, they it may be time for you to explore some corporate team building activities — such as ropes courses, a scavenger hunt and special events such as surprise breakfasts or lunches that employees can share together. Read on to learn our top three tips for building a community among your employees!

Tip #1: Book a Ropes Course
Putting your employees on a ropes course is one way to strengthen ties and trust. Divide them into teams and have them compete against one another in categories such as as overall time it takes each team to complete the course. Give bonus points for when they have to practice team-building skills, such as encouraging members who may be afraid to complete a certain challenge. Everyone is on the same level when you make employees work together as a team.

Tip #2: Plan a Scavenger Hunt
Planning a scavenger hunt is a great way to insert some excitement and fun in a team-building exercise. Have your employees compete together on teams in a hunt that leads them around your company — learning new things about the company along the way. Make the grand prize something worth competing for — like a $500 gift certificate or a free day off work. Be creative.

Tip #3: Surprise Your Employees with a Meal
There’s nothing like honoring and making your employees feel valued — while building community and trust than a surprise meal at work. Send an email the day of your surprise meal telling everyone that you’ll be cooking out in the parking lot or that a catered lunch will arrive at noon. The element of surprise makes everyone happy, and they’ll feel appreciated. You can use that time to do some team-building exercises as well — by assigning seats and posing conversation starters on pieces of paper. As your employees eat, they can discuss the questions and get to know each other better.

With a little creativity and attention to the needs of your company, you’ll be on your way to building stronger ties with your employees and ultimately producing a team of people who want to work toward the collective good of your company — and of each other. In the world of business, that’s a win-win every time.

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