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getting your message online can be a confusing experience

“We re-launched our website this weekend with the full content initially envisioned in the template. I did all of the programming myself and, because of your excellent documentation, the work took significantly less time than expected. For the first time in a very long time, we have a website that we are proud to share with our clients – thanks!”
– Jim Lowe, Vice President of Business Services, Advantage Interactive Corp.

Do you Intranet, Internet, or Extranet? And who’s going to update the site once it’s up and running?

Whether you are looking for a simple static Internet promotional site for your business or need a corporate website, New Mediatrix offers online design solutions for:

  • website design
  • existing site redesign
  • site architecture restructuring
  • web-based software user-interface design
  • …and other and other choices for presenting your message online.

Browse our portfolio of web samples or call us for a no-obligation quote on your next web or web-based software project @ (416) 209-7262.

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