2016-11-19 : Lead Generation Software for Prospect Building and B2B Marketing

As technology improves, businesses continue to grow at an alarming rate. Promoters and marketers are finding unique and innovative ways to gain new customers. This is especially true for online marketers who are trying to find customers in a sea of people with short attention spans. If they do not grab their visitor’s attention in 5 seconds or less, they can lose a possible sale permanently. Most impulse marketing attracts unsolicited and unaware customers, which is fine if you want to play the numbers game. For marketers looking to attract warm prospects quickly, there is lead generation software.

Why Use Warm Leads

It is very difficult to sell a product or service to a person on the first try. It usually takes two times or more because as people, we feel better when we can think about our purchases, When a deceptive ad or high pressure salesman compels us to make a purchase, we usually feel as if someone took advantage of us. We want the chance to think about an offer before we spend our hard earned money on it.

How Lead Generation Works

Lead generation is basically the system that finds warm customers for businesses so they can avoid high-pressure sales. A research team collects prospects by discovering their interests and buying habits. Once this is done, they place these prospects in a large database to separate them by salary, demographic, and other consumer information. Whenever a company needs leads for prospect or B2B marketing, they can enter their preferences into the database and receive their leads.

Email Lead Generation

Email marketing is extremely powerful, but it is also very tricky and risky because of spam laws. It is not legal to send out mass emails to people who are not expecting marketing letters. To avoid problems and possible lawsuits, it would be wise to use lead generation software. This is a safe solution for email lead generation and list building. Through questionnaires, surveys, and other marketing methods, the research team compiles a list of consumers who are interested in certain offers. Their job is to match these leads with the businesses who are offering the product or service that interests the consumer.

Visitor Tracking And Conversions

After receiving leads, its important to see how fast and well they are converting. If you own an ecommerce site, you will need visitor tracking software to monitor each visitor when they arrive. The software will show you how each visitor navigates through your website, and how long it takes them to make a purchase. It will also show you the best converting pages, and the pages that seem to be the least appealing to visitors.

Marketing Smarter With Lead Generation

To eliminate the hassle of cold calling and other hard-selling tactics, why not invest in lead generation software? It is the perfect way to build a customer base without leaving behind a long line of disgruntled consumers in the process. It may be worthwhile to visit Clickback for more information.

2016-09-28 : Different Types of Marketing Jobs

There are all types of marketing jobs out there. From graphic design to advertising jobs, marketing recruiters can help you find the perfect role for you. Exploring the different kinds of marketing jobs available will help you figure out exactly what you want to spend your time doing.


Advertising is a broad marketing field with a lot of unique opportunities. Often, advertising positions require some travel and a lot of contact with other people. Pay may be partially based on performance. There are four main categories of advertising jobs: creative, management, media and research. Common advertising roles include Media Buyer, Advertising Sales Director and Account Planner.

Brand Management

Brand management roles take on the responsibility to make sure that a company is always reflecting and adhering to their brand. They will make sure that content reflects the brand, seek out key marketing opportunities and always communicate the benefits of the brand’s products or services. Brand Management positions include Product Manager and Brand Manager.


A huge component of marketing is design. Design is how marketing materials, both hard copy and online, look and connect to the customer. Without proper design, you can’t have your brand’s marketing message reach audiences. There are all types of design, too, from writing and typography to graphic design and photography. Common design roles include Content Writer, Web Producer and Art Director.

Market Research

Market research is a specific type of marketing job that requires you to gather information from test subjects and analyze the results. You present products to human subjects to find out how they feel about the products. Common market research positions include Market Research Manager and Market Analyst.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is a huge component of a brand’s marketing strategy. Marketing firms and companies often have a team dedicated just to online marketing. One aspect of online marketing is social media marketing. It’s important to understand how various social media platforms work, which audiences are where and how to best reach people based on the specific platform you’re using. Common online marketing roles include Web Content Manager and Email Marketing Manager.


Many marketing and advertising firm have specific teams dedicated to promotions. These promotions teams work on things like creating coupons and coming up with special offers, offering freebies with purchases, setting up in-store displays, and running sweepstakes. Common promotions positions include Public Relations and Promotions Director.

Once you’ve explored the different marketing roles out there, contact headhunters to seek out the best jobs available. If you don’t have experience in marketing, it’s best to start out with an entry level position. Once you’ve learned the ropes, you can move up to brand new positions. For more information, please visit Creative Niche inc to find additional resources.

2016-08-22 : The Microsoft Office World Championships

While the Rio 2016 Olympics were capturing the attention of millions of people around the world, dozens of young people from various nations came together in Florida to prove their Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013.

Not many people are familiar with the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championships. This is an international competition sponsored by Microsoft and Certiport, a firm that is a leader in the computer and software certification industry. This unique competition is open to young contestants who are between the ages of 13 to 22, and it is focused on the core components of Microsoft Office 2010: Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

What It Takes to Compete

The average business user of Microsoft Office in Canada would not be able to compete against these 150 young contestants who arrived in Orlando from 40 nations. To get an idea of the scope of this competition, it helps to consider that nearly 700,000 hopefuls passed the initial trials and submitted their applications.

Over the three days of the championship tournament, the contestants sat in front of computers and completed various tasks, which included creating documents, troubleshooting scenarios and even coding macros in Visual Basic.

This tournament has been around for 15 years, and it serves to promote the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification, which is not as popular as other professionals certs offered by the Seattle tech giant. With these certifications and the experience from the tournament, these young contestants will certainly be able to enter the business world with ease.

Why Microsoft Office 2010?

Those who may be wondering why the tournament included a Microsoft Office version that was released more than five years ago, the answer will make perfect sense. This championship reflects the reality and current trends of the business world. Although Microsoft Office 2016 and the cloud-based Office 365 are the most recent versions of this productivity software, many companies are still using the 2010 version and will probably continue to do so for years to come.

Office 2010 is still a staple of business offices in the developing nations where many of the contestants came from. As can be expected, contestants from Asia dominated the tournament, which resulted in honours for the teams from Hong Kong and Macau.

The award for first place included a cash prize of $7,500 and tickets to local attractions in Orlando. No contestants from Canada have earned a top-five spot in the last few years; in fact, the only recent winners from the Americas have been from the United States and from the Dominican Republic.

2016-07-15 : Upgrading Your Windows 7 PC

Microsoft released Windows 7 in 2009. If you purchased a new computer at that time, then you may be experiencing some performance issues when it comes to gaming or even watching videos encoded with some of the newer codecs. That doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new PC or upgrade to the latest OS, and with that in mind, here are some points to consider when upgrading your current PC.

Upgrading Your Video Card

Video cards or GPUs tend to be outmoded faster than other computer components because game and multimedia developers are always pushing the envelope. Buying a new GPU can make a big difference, and you don’t even have to spend $800 to make that big jump. More than five years after this OS released, there are $200 GPUs that handle 4K fine and can deliver 30 FPS gaming experiences. The important factor when choosing a video card is ensuring that the software drivers for the GPU support Windows 7 and that the manufacturer intends to continue that support over the next several years.

Adding or Replacing a Hard Drive

Hard drivers are the most common PC upgrade that people make, and your OS isn’t generally a factor when choosing an SSD or HDD. Even though SSDs were relatively new at the time Windows 7 launched, the OS has been updated for optimal SSD performance since. Your only real concern when choosing a drive is that you have the necessary connection, such as a USB port for an external drive or a SATA II port for an internal one.

Choosing a Motherboard

If you want to make a more substantial change to your computer, then you’re likely going to need to upgrade your motherboard. That’s because technology has advanced a lot since 2009, and your current motherboard probably doesn’t support the CPUs, RAM and other components that are currently available. As with a video card, the trick here is to ensure that the motherboard manufacturer supports Windows 7 and plans to continue that support.

Upgrading Your RAM, CPU, PSU and Other Core Components

Your OS interfaces with your motherboard. Your motherboard interfaces with all the other hardware aspects of your computer. Think of your motherboard as the middleman. What this means is that you don’t have to choose a CPU, memory and other parts that directly support your OS. However, you do have to choose a CPU that uses an appropriate socket, a memory module and speed that your board supports and so forth.

Selecting Software

Most software designed for Windows is backward-compatible. However, watch for new software iterations that specifically exclude support for your OS version. Such exclusions are rare, but in the cases that they do occur, it may be necessary to purchase the last version of that software package that did explicitly support the version of Windows that you’re currently using.


2016-06-29 : Microsoft Office 2010 Training

Whether you’re broadening your job skills, an intermediate user looking to become a Microsoft Office 2010 power user or a new user learning the ropes, Office training is a cost- and time-effective way to achieve that goal. MS even has free lessons and even entire courses available online, or you can take advantage of hands-on training provided by an instructor either locally or via the Internet.

Microsoft Office 2010 Certification

Certification is a common reason to seek training. Microsoft Office Specialist Expert, or MOS Expert for short, indicates advanced skills in Word and Excel and looks great on a resume. MOS Master indicates mastery across all Office applications, including Access and PowerPoint. Both MOS Expert and MOS Master for 2010 are valid, active certifications despite the release of 2016 and Office 365.

Certification Exams

It’s worth noting that it isn’t necessary to undergo training or even buy Microsoft Office 2010. You simply have to pay for, take and pass the certification exam. Whether the exam fee is included in the training cost is an important point to consider when evaluating an Office learning program.

Upgrade Exams

MS also offers upgrade exams. The difference between Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016 and 365 aren’t drastic, so someone with a MOS Expert or MOS Master for 2010 could take an upgrade exam and receive certification all the way up to 365/2016. Since certifications do get retired, upgrade exams are an effective way of staying ahead of that curve.

Office Training for Personal Use

Perhaps you want to use Office as a student, in your home office or for recreational purposes. Certification looks great on a resume, but it isn’t really needed in these scenarios, and certification probably isn’t worth it if you won’t keep it current. A benefit of targeting personal training is lowered costs due to not needing the exam and skipping topics that are enterprise-specific.

Focused Training

Another potential advantage is more focused training. If you’ve chosen Word as the means by which you’ll write your first novel, then Excel really isn’t necessary. That may be some additional costs you can eliminate, or at the very least, you can save time or put your time to better use.

Software Requirements

One final consideration is software requirements. Some programs will require you to buy Microsoft Office 2010 and have a key with you or actually bring along a laptop with it preinstalled. Other programs will give you a copy, which adds to the cost but usually at a subsidized rate.

2016-06-24 : Unbelievable ways to maximize productivity with Microsoft Office 2007

In this digital world, Microsoft Office 2007 is practically a must-have for every kind of user. From entrepreneurs managing business spreadsheets and generating ideas to high schoolers studying chemistry and developing presentations, this software package provides a robust set of tools for everyone. Best of all, it does so with usability and productivity in mind. It contains software like Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint, each of which can help users complete tasks more efficiently. Simply put, users will have everything they need to email, write documents, take notes, analyze data, prepare presentations, and more when they buy Microsoft Office 2007.

Best time-saving features
For better or for worse, we all rely on email to communicate with colleagues, organize study sessions with classmates, and manage online banking. When it comes to Microsoft Outlook, using email couldn’t be easier. With color categories, rapidly searchable email, and improved scheduling capabilities, organization is no problem. It even comes with an integrated calendar and a simple tool to create electronic business cards. With Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, you can even recover lost documents if the power goes out while working. It’s also simple to use templates and recreate similar documents, instead of starting from scratch. You won’t lose any time with Microsoft Office 2007.

Keyboard Shortcuts
When using any software, it’s important you understand and use keyboard shortcuts to streamline the process and speed up your workflow. Luckily, Microsoft Office comes with plenty of easy-to-use shortcuts, from simply cutting and pasting to adjusting formatting and inserting hyperlinks. Especially when using Microsoft Excel, it’s easy to dive in with keyboard shortcuts at hand and get to work more quickly than before. It takes a little bit of time to get used to all of the new information and remember shortcuts, but it’s worth it.

Creating Deliverables
Everyone from your boss and project leads to your teachers and parents will ask for a document at some point. From meeting summaries and financial spreadsheets to assignments and career outlines, Microsoft Office 2007 makes it easy to create and send deliverables under tight deadlines. With Microsoft Word, it’s easy to format spacing and create an essay that meets all the requirements of an English class or corporate workplace. With various tools for managing margins, font sizes, outlines, and more, Microsoft Word makes it incredibly easy to work in this technological age. All you’ll have to focus on is content, without worrying about technological difficulties.

It’s undeniably a responsible, professional decision to buy Microsoft Office 2007 and maximize productivity. With plenty of tools to help you quickly create content and deliver documents under tight deadlines, this software package provides everything you need to get the job done.

2008-11-08 : Playing cards and packaging designed for Master Point Press

Cards to be distributed at upcoming bridge tournament
New Mediatrix worked with Master Point Press and a printer based in Signapore to design the backs for a deck of playing cards and their packaging to be based on the book Barbara Seagram’s Beginning Bridge.
view print portfolio

2008-07-13 : New Mediatrix takes on Nelson Canada as client

Work to include designing high-school and college educational texts
Nelson Canada, location in Scarborough, has added New Mediatrix to their list of contractors for both cover and interior design of the high-school and college textbooks.
view web portfolio

2008-07-11 : New Mediatrix, in collaboration with Motionblur Studios, develops the Drupal-based SmartCommute Toronto – Central website

Site is unveiled to the public with an online draw
New Mediatrix worked with local developer Motionblur Studios to design the website using Drupal as the backend CMS system, allowing the City of Toronto staff to update the site themselves once it went live.
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2008-04-26 : Make Room For Happiness published

New Mediatrix designs family memoirs book
Local author contarcts New Mediatrix to design and layout book of family letters and memoirs. The book is distributed to family members at annual family reunion.
view publication portfolio

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