Microsoft Office 2010 Training

Whether you’re broadening your job skills, an intermediate user looking to become a Microsoft Office 2010 power user or a new user learning the ropes, Office training is a cost- and time-effective way to achieve that goal. MS even has free lessons and even entire courses available online, or you can take advantage of hands-on training provided by an instructor either locally or via the Internet.

Microsoft Office 2010 Certification

Certification is a common reason to seek training. Microsoft Office Specialist Expert, or MOS Expert for short, indicates advanced skills in Word and Excel and looks great on a resume. MOS Master indicates mastery across all Office applications, including Access and PowerPoint. Both MOS Expert and MOS Master for 2010 are valid, active certifications despite the release of 2016 and Office 365.

Certification Exams

It’s worth noting that it isn’t necessary to undergo training or even buy Microsoft Office 2010. You simply have to pay for, take and pass the certification exam. Whether the exam fee is included in the training cost is an important point to consider when evaluating an Office learning program.

Upgrade Exams

MS also offers upgrade exams. The difference between Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016 and 365 aren’t drastic, so someone with a MOS Expert or MOS Master for 2010 could take an upgrade exam and receive certification all the way up to 365/2016. Since certifications do get retired, upgrade exams are an effective way of staying ahead of that curve.

Office Training for Personal Use

Perhaps you want to use Office as a student, in your home office or for recreational purposes. Certification looks great on a resume, but it isn’t really needed in these scenarios, and certification probably isn’t worth it if you won’t keep it current. A benefit of targeting personal training is lowered costs due to not needing the exam and skipping topics that are enterprise-specific.

Focused Training

Another potential advantage is more focused training. If you’ve chosen Word as the means by which you’ll write your first novel, then Excel really isn’t necessary. That may be some additional costs you can eliminate, or at the very least, you can save time or put your time to better use.

Software Requirements

One final consideration is software requirements. Some programs will require you to buy Microsoft Office 2010 and have a key with you or actually bring along a laptop with it preinstalled. Other programs will give you a copy, which adds to the cost but usually at a subsidized rate.

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