Four Clogged Toilet Home Remedies

Before calling out a plumber to fix a clogged toilet, why not try a little DIY work first? Although not every clog is a simple fix, you may find that your problem is minor enough to keep the plumber away for a little while longer. Try out one or more of the four simple DIY clogged toilet fixes below before calling the experts. More often than not, these solutions provide the clogged toilet remedies that you need.

1- Plunger

The trusty plunger is the first clogged toilet remedy to try. Most people find that plunging minor clogs is fairly simple. Be sure that you own a toilet plunger, not only one of the small, pink sink plungers. Place the plunger inside the toilet, covering the hole completely to get proper suction. Push up and down several times before flushing the toilet. Visit if you would like to learn more.

2- Dish Liquid & Hot Water

Pour 2 teaspoons dish liquid into the toilet. Meanwhile, heat two cups of water on the stove until boiling. Allow the dish liquid to sit inside the toilet while the water boils, then flush the water behind the dish liquid. This remedy works for minor clogs.

3- Baking Soda & Vinegar

Another popular home remedy for clogged toilets is a simple solution consisting of baking soda and vinegar. Similar to the volcano expert many of us performed in school this remedy involves mixing equal parts baking soda and vinegar and putting them into the toilet. The fizz should dissolve the clog. The appropriate amount of baking soda and vinegar differ according to the severity of the clog, but proper measurements are important.

4- Salt & Hot Water

Pouring hot water into a clogged toilet is always a good idea, as suggested by the many home solutions that require hot water. For this remedy, add a teaspoon of salt to the clogged toilet as you hear two cups of water. Allow the salt to sit inside the toilet as the water heats. Once hot, pour the water on top of the salt and flush the toilet. Hopefully, you’ll find the clog is a thing of the past.

The next time the toilet clogs, perhaps one of the DIY fixes above will rectify the problem and avoid the need to call a plumber. Although these solutions don’t correct every clog, homeowners happily rely on these techniques because oftentimes, they do work. It never hurts to give them a try before calling a plumber.