New Mediatrix is an award-winning design boutique located in Toronto, Ontario, providing graphic design services to small business, individuals, and organizations in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

We specialize in providing our client with the necessary tools to succeed in their business with three key components: print, web and publication design.

Our Partners:

News Print[ October ]Olena Sullivan appointed new Chair of the Programming Committee at Hang Man Gallery and begins design of events and promotional materials.- view print portfolio News Web[ december ]New Mediatrix redesigns local Toronto building sciences engineer Brown & Beattie’s website.- view web portfolio News Publication[ october ]Master Point Press’ new catalog of bridge books, designed by New Mediatrix, released for 2009/2010.- view publication portfolio –

“We never know how important and significant something is until we see a true professional working on it. Olena’s true professionalism and expertise in creating a brand identity and generating graphic design have impacted my business to a degree which could arguably be designated as the line between a marketing success and a marketing failure.”

– Danish Ahmed, Ordinary Words

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